About Us: Who is PetiMed?

Our Mission

PetiMed mission is to organize the world’s Health information for Pets. PetiMed is a Telehealth Platform offering AI Assistant tools for Veterinarians, Pets, Pets Patients, Pets owners. PetiMed Members build, engage, collaborate with each other through Telehealth Cards.

We are focusing on Pets Health Information, Pets Eye Care, Veterinarians, Mental Health, Pets Dental, Veterinary Practices, Staffing, and Practice Management EHR, Buy/Sell Pets products and Practices.


  • PetiMed patent pending AI Assistant tools (Social Cards™) enable Pets Professional Healthcare providers to create, promote, share their services, products, and Pets Health Information
  • PetiMed patent pending AI Search Assistant tools (goSearch™) enable Pets professionals to discover doctors, Patient health information, and devices using the Telehealth Cards.
  • PetiMed patent pending Staffing Engines and FitTheJob™ tools enable Pets professional healthcare providers to promote and share their job posts to hire more effectively.
  • PetiMed patent pending Remark Management tools enable professional healthcare providers to manage their reviews and discussions more effctively by utilizing PetiMed VRP™ Tool (Verify, Resolve, Publish)

Our Story

PetiMed team is out to revolutionize the way Pets Health Professionals and Veterinarians Discover, Engage, and Collaborate with each other and their Pet Patients and Pet owners. All TeleHealth, All-In-One, and ALL-In-Sync

PetiMed.com is privately funded. The select management team behind the company's services, products, and software suite, (its Founders, Engineering, Veterinarians and Pets Healthecare Experts, Sales and Marketing), have diverse backgrounds in Healthcare Technology as well as Mobile and Web search Development technology and scheme, Information, and Network security, consumer products.

Founding Members - Executive Team & Members Of The Board of Advisors

Michele ellie Ahi Michele Ellie Ahi - Founder
CEO, CTO, Entrepreneur, Lecturer, Investor, New Technology Advocate, Mother, Wife, Global Community Influencer, member Keiretsu Investment global community

Advisory Board Members

Irina Meyer

Irina Meyer
Serial Entrepreneur, Engineer,
Investor, Board Member, Advisor, Strategist,
Band of Angles

Linda Johannesen

Linda Johannesen
Entrepreneur, Educator, Investor, Board Member, Talent Advisor, Strategist, Creative Writer


Guiti Nabavi

Guiti Nabavi
Engineer, Investor, Entrepreneur
Founder, HR and Employment,