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Your PetiMed SearchAssistant

How much does it cost?

FREE for members

Your PetiMed SearchAssistant

Who can be a Member ?

  1. Pets owners
  2. Any user interested in Pets Medical Information with text, image, video
  3. Any user interested in source verified Pets healthcare information

Your PetiMed SearchAssistant

What do I get? A PetiAssistant

  1. goSearch - Discovers Source Verified Pets Health Information, DVM, Services, Jobs, Ads
  2. myInterests/Categories - Select multiple Items
  3. myInterests/ZipCodes - Select multiple Zip codes

Your PetiMed SearchAssistant

How do I explore what I need?

  1. Type in: Pets Eyes 94024 Nationwide Rating is 5
  2. OR go to Peti Assistant - set your Interests List (e.g. categories, Zips) and goSearch!